Student Area

Meet some of the students who have participated in our shipboard training programmes.


The periods before and after the cruise were very important for the practical and operational training. The AMT was the longest scientific cruise I have participated in, but the ship (R/V James Cook) is the largest and the most comfortable ship I have sailed on. The relationship between the scientists and the crew was fantastic, as well as amongst scientists, and everybody was very cooperative and kind all the time. It was an amazing experience!”

Priscila Lange, Brazil, POGO-AMT fellow (2012). 

"I feel lucky and grateful for such a remarkable personal and professional experience. I would like to encourage every student and scientist to apply for training abroad to gain enrichment skills interacting with colleagues from other countries and cultures”

Rodrigo Daniel Hernández Moresino, Argentina, NF-POGO-BAS fellow (2019).