Call for Training Partners

Get involved!


Does your research vessel have unused capacity when travelling between ports?




Are you a Principal Investigator with spare berths on a planned research cruise?


Talk to us about becoming an Ocean Training Partner, to access NF-POGO funding for capacity building.


As part of the NF-POGO Capacity Building programme, the Nippon Foundation and POGO are offering:

(1) grants to support training cruises. These can be used to take advantage of spare capacity on ships that may be in transit between ports, or that are not being used to their full capacity for research.

(2) fellowships to early-career scientists in developing countries. This call offers the opportunity for Principal Investigators (PIs) leading or involved in research cruises where there is likely to be a spare berth(s), to receive funding to fill that berth(s), receive help with their sea-going work, pass on their knowledge to the next generation and contribute to capacity building in developing countries.