Zounon Yaovi


Institut de Recherches Halieutiques et Océanologiques du Bénin
1 Oct 2022 to 16 Dec 2022

Research subject:

Hydrobiology; Biological Oceanography


Sohou Zacharie

Short cv:

Holder of a Master's degree (Msc) in Applied Hydrobiology obtained in 2016 at the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Abomey-Calavi, I previously followed a programme in Chemistry-Biology-Geology which was completed with a Bachelor's degree and then a Mastory's degree in Natural Sciences in 2011 at the same university.

In the framework of my end of study master internship, I had to carry out research work on the "Evaluation of plankton contamination by heavy metals in Porto-Novo lagoon (South-Benin)" which results were defended on 27 May 2016. This work was presented in a scientific communication at the XVIIth International Scientific Days of Lomé-Togo (from 03 to 08 October 2016).

Since 2016, as a Research Assistant, I am regularly associated with various research projects and consultations within the Institute of Halieutic and Oceanological Research of Benin. My research work focuses globally on the monitoring of coastal and marine aquatic ecosystems and the preservation of their biodiversity. This work has enabled me to acquire skills in aquatic organism ecology (particularly plankton, fish and molluscs), assessment of the physico-chemical quality of surface waters and aquaculture.

Currently, in the framework of my PhD research, I am focusing on the spatio-temporal distribution and abundance of phytoplankton in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean-Ouidah Lagoon complex in order to assess their impact on the recrutement of certain economically important marine species (bivalve molluscs and fish) on the Beninese coast.