Djeble Ayao Oscar


Fisheries and Oceanological Research Institute of Benin (IRHOB)
2 Nov 2020 to 29 Jan 2021

Research subject:

Marine Biology


Dr Nubi Olubunmi Ayoola

Short cv:

I am a higher university technician in applied hydrobiology, specialty fisheries and aquaculture, graduated from the University of Abomey-Calavi. After my undergraduate degree, I became interested in marine biology at the Institut de Recherche Halieutique et Océanologique du Bénin (IRHOB) where I am currently capitalizing on 4 years of professional experience after my undergraduate studies. I did research work on physico-chemical parameters at the Industrial Fishing Port of Cotonou (PoPIC) and Lake Nokoué, the collection and statistical analysis of data from artisanal fishing at the Artisanal Fishing Port of Cotonou, the realization of weather-ocean forecasting, the study of growth factors of certain fish species, the evaluation of the performance of local feeds on the growth of tilapia and clarias in ponds, the formulation of feeds based on local by-products adapted to the rearing of tilapia and clarias.

This training fellowship will allow me to learn new methods of sampling, analysis, processing and interpretation of results. At the end of this training I will use the new knowledge in my institution for the various research works of sample collection and analysis.