Anakha Mohan


Academy of Climate Change Education and Research, Kerala Agricultural University - India
9 Sep 2019 to 20 Dec 2019

Research subject:



Dr Gavin Tilstone

Short cv:

I am an integrated master’s student in Climate change adaptation from the Academy of Climate Change Education and Research at Kerala Agricultural University, Kerala, India. I recently completed my final year M Sc. Dissertation at Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute on the topic “Climate envelope modeling of vulnerable marine species of Indian Ocean” under the guidance of Sreenath K.R. which aimed to develop a Maximum entropy model and described the geographic distribution of marine organisms and predicted the possible future shifts under different climate scenarios. I have been handling the remotely sensed parameters for my work and am adept with R and ArcGIS software. I’m very much fond of remote sensing as well as modeling in the biophysical oceanography.  

Phytoplankton being the primary producers of the global ocean has grabbed my attention and I always wanted to explore the possibilities of applying remote sensing for the advancement in the field of phytoplankton research   This programme will allow me to gain new hands-on experience, learning more about biological sampling practices and analysis of the phytoplankton community. It will also be a unique opportunity to join with an international research team in AMT cruise and to work in a prestigious institution like Plymouth Marine Laboratory, U.K along with the collaboration of esteemed organization like POGO. I wish to take up a doctoral degree in the biological oceanography and climate change related subject and to be an independent researcher after this.