Stefani Peña Ramirez


Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina
2 Jun 2019 to 29 Jun 2019

Short cv:

I’m currently working on my thesis as a master’s student in Physical Oceanography at the Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences in University of Buenos Aires (UBA, Argentina). We are using a wide range of in situ observations, satellite data and high-resolution model outputs to analyze some large-scale dynamical mechanisms associated with the complex Antarctic Circumpolar Current structure in the Drake Passage.

The SoNoAT 2019 training cruise is a great opportunity for me to broaden my scientific background, to develop my skills, to learn more about oceanographic analysis and about a wide variety of fascinating topics. I expect to meet and interact with other students and scientists who are working in different research areas that will stimulate fruitful discussions.