Emma Kilcoyne


National University of Ireland, Galway.
2 Jun 2019 to 29 Jun 2019


Dr Robin Raine

Short cv:

I’m a final year marine science undergraduate student from the National University of Ireland, Galway. My final year project aims to determine the distribution of the dinoflagellate Dinophysis acuta relative to local oceanographic conditions in the Celtic Sea. For this project, I took part in an oceanographic survey aboard the Irish research vessel, the Celtic Explorer. I carried out routine enumeration of cells to track and locate the HAB, collected chemical, physical and biological data with a CTD and vertical plankton haul.

I have carried out an internship at the Environmental Protection Agency, Ireland monitoring the health and condition of freshwater lakes as park of the National framework directive Lake Monitoring Programme.

I am interested in biological oceanography, particularly in ocean dynamics and the role it has in driving climate and complex biotic relationships in our seas. Understanding these processes provide the potential to predict and account for possible ecosystem shifts and their associated affects.

Practical experience in an environment that is constantly shifting will teach me how to maximise my time, be flexible in planning experiments and diligent when conditions are suitable. Through bringing different experiences and perspectives of the multicultural crew together, we can encourage each other to think outside the box to decide on the best course of action. I believe my teamwork and communication skills will become strengthened through cooperation with my peers.