Thodoris Karpouzoglou

2 Jun 2019 to 29 Jun 2019

Short cv:

I am a climate physicist with special interest in Oceanography. (Msc. in Climate Physics, Utrecht University, 2019 ; Bsc. in Physics, University of Athens, 2016). My research experience comprises a Master thesis ( Effects of Floating Solar Platforms on the Hydrodynamics and the Ecosystem of a Coastal Sea. Supervisors: Prof. H.E. de Swart (University Utrecht), Dr. Johan van der Molen (NIOZ)), a Bachelor thesis (The Atlantic Water Inflow in The Mediterranean Sea and its Long-term Variability. Supervisor: Dr. Sarantis Sofianos (University Athens)) and several modeling and data analysis project, including an internship in AWI (Data Processing and Scientific Analysis of Hydrographic Data from the Eurasian Basin, Arctic Ocean. Supervisor: Dr. Benjamin Rabbe). Currently I am working as a hydrographic data analyst for the research department of “Oceans of Energy”, a company operating on the domain of offshore renewable energy.

During my studies I acquired solid background on physics, mathematics, fluid dynamics and computer sciences (Matlab, Python, Bash, Fortran), while I was introduced to offshore marine biology, ecology and interdisciplinary modeling. Having a special bound to nature, I am concerned by the consequences of human intervention on the environment. Climate change is a grate aspect of the problem. I am especially interested on polar amplification and its effects on global thermohaline circulation which are yet to been seen. Being exposed to a wide range of research topics, I believe that Experimental Oceanography fits better to my interests and quality. Currently I am in the process of examining my possibilities for a future PhD. By participating in SoNoAT 2019 I expect to increase my knowledge and experience in in situ collection of observed data, in their processing techniques and expand my contact networks with people and institutions of high quality.