Hassan Al-Najjar

2 Jun 2019 to 29 Jun 2019

Short cv:

I am a researcher in the field of environment and marine modelling, monitoring and assessment. Beside that I am interested in the simulation-based assessment of climate change effects on the water and environmental resources. I am currently working on various researches concerning the integrity of the Mediterranean by simulating the advection and dispersion behavior of liquid wastes disposal into marine environments so that to take proper mitigation measures to maintain the sustainability of marine habitats.

My current postgraduate studies aim at maintaining the coastal integrity of Mediterranean basin by managing the disposal processes of brine products from the seawater desalination activities along the beaches. The applied simulation methodology to achieve this aim principally stands on acquiring real field data about different chemical, physical and biological parameters of the seawater so forth to build proper numerical model to charcterize the dilution capacity of seawaters.

Thus, enhancing the understanding of the ocean system is imperative to detect a well-calibrated model. In particular, gathering and analyzing the patterns of variability and the long-term trends of the oceanographic conditions play a significant role in characterizing the dispersion of liquid wastes disposal. Hence, coastal data for seawater temperature, salinity, ocean current speed and direction, and wind speed are crucial to be gathered, analyzed and interpreted using mainly in-situ measurements to get a well representative coastal modelling systems to address the significant impact of interventions on ocean shelf ecosystems.