Lantovololona Felaniaina Marie Stephanie


Ministry of Halieutic Resources and Fisheries, Antananarivo, Madagascar
2 Jun 2019 to 29 Jun 2019

Short cv:

Before participating in the  'South-North Atlantic Training Transect' (SoNoAt) 2019, I completed my master in Marine Life Science at the Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology. The coursework encompasses molecular biology, genetics and biochemistry, aquatic bioculture and more. During my degree, I had the opportunity to study genetic markers on local tilapia from Madagascar in a view to compare its genetic biodiversity to that of the introduced tilapia from. My master research was however on the induction of bone deformity in their early developmental stage of Nile tilapia through different conditions of incubation such as hypoxia (0% O2), low pH level (pH4) and high concentration of ammonium (0.9 mg/L). I presented my results at the beginning of February 2018.

Now that I am back to Madagascar, my current job activity involves assisting the Chief of Marine Aquaculture Service within the Ministry of Halieutic Resources and Fisheries. My duties mainly encompass supervision and technical support of small scale farmers for seed production and aquaculture in general;  facility installation and lastly contribution to the elaboration of National documents on aquaculture such as laws, texts and National Strategy on Aquaculture Development.

As part of the SoNoAt  programme, I am aspiring to acquire priceless hands on experience in conducts of Marine related research, and also gain a tremendous amount of knowledge from outstanding oceanographers.