Yoania Povea Perez


Center for Atmospheric Physics, Cuban Institute of Meteorology
2 Jun 2019 to 29 Jun 2019

Research subject:

Bjerknes and Wind-Evaporation-Sea surface temperature (WES) feedbacks in tropical Atlantic.


Dr. Ida Mitrani Arenal (co-supervisor: Dr. Riccardo Farneti)

Short cv:

I am a former diploma student in Earth System Physics at ICTP, where I attended basic and advanced courses on Physics of the Climate, given by experts in the field. I had the opportunity to work in a very stimulating and international environment and significantly improved my skills. During my stay in Italy I participated in several workshops hosted by ICTP. I developed my diploma thesis on the Representation of the Atlantic Warm Pool in the regional ocean-atmosphere coupled model RegCM-ES under the guidance of R. Farneti.

I work as meteorologist in the Center for Atmospheric Physics of the Cuban Institute of Meteorology. My duties are related to numerical modeling of the atmosphere and oceans. I’m studying ocean-atmosphere feedbacks in tropical Atlantic, and how this mechanisms may change under global warming. In addition I am interested in Ekman dynamics in the Caribbean Sea that I am studying in collaboration with two other colleagues.

The SoNoAt 2019 is my first on-board experience and I hope the first of many. This is an important complement to my profile as a scientist. I expect to improve both my theoretical insight and practical skills. Moreover, I expect to create connections with other scientists and learn from different points of view.