Felipe Ohade Lopes Branco


Federal University of Pará, Brazil, Faculty of Oceanography
24 May 2018 to 29 Jun 2018

Research subject:

Training in the use of physical and biogeochemical instrumentation and observatories, on-board chemical water sample analysis and calibration techniques.


Dr Marcus Dengler, GEOMAR

Short cv:

I work in the research group “Marine Biogeochemistry and Pollution of Aquatic Ecosystems”, from the Laboratory of Chemical Oceanography of the Federal University of Pará, coordinated by Dr. Silvia Keiko Kawakami. In this group, I have already participated in projects where I could have the experience of the activity on board for the collection of chemical, physical and biological data of the coastal zone of Salinas, northeast of Pará. My duty was to collect the data of marine physicochemical parameters such as pH, conductivity, total dissolved solids, and associate them with the concentrations of dissolved oxygen and chlorophyll-a; as well as to support the procedures for obtaining wind data and collecting biological material, phyto and zooplankton. The goal was to establish standards and predict the blooms of occurrence of a species of seaweed that ran aground in tons on the beaches of the coast of Pará.

In addition, I am a current scientific initiation fellow working on the chemical composition and quality of groundwater, as a subsidy for decision-making in environmental management. For that, I collect the data of physicochemical parameters and analyze the anionic component of the groundwater of northeastern Paraense. As a participant in this scientific cruise, I would like to have contact with the sampling techniques and methods of analysis/chemical determination in water samples with regard to marine biogeochemistry. It’ll be an amazing opportunity to increase my skills in data achievement and data interpretation.