Odilon Joël Houndegnonto


International Chair in Mathematical Physics and Applications, University of Abomey Calavi
24 May 2018 to 29 Jun 2018

Research subject:

Training in the use of physical and biogeochemical instrumentation and observatories, on-board post-processing and calibration techniques, and post-cruise data processing, analysis and interpretation.


Dr Marcus Dengler, GEOMAR

Short cv:

I am an oceanographer physicist (M Sc. in Physical Oceanography and Applications) at the International Chair in Mathematical Physics and Applications (CIMPA Chair-UNESCO) of the University of Abomey Calavi (UAC) / Benin. I am passionate about science and its application, and I have a strong background in Physics, Mathematics and Information (Matlab scripting). This background is constantly updated by my participation in regional training courses and seminars in physical oceanography (IRB-Benin, CIMPA / UAC).  Ocean physics, climate dynamics and geophysical fluids are the basis of my research interests.

My thesis project is to analyze the thermohalin variations of small horizontal and vertical scales within the surface layers in the Gulf of Guinea. This project aims to characterize the small scale and to elucidate the physical processes driving the thermohaline variability and stratification in the river plume areas in the Gulf of Guinea.

Pending funding for this project, my current activities boil down to participation in the monthly research campaign program (coastal oceanography) on Lake Nokouè (IRD-Benin & Institut de Recherche Halieutique et Océanologie du Bénin – IRHOB) and assisting new students (promotion 2017-2018) in their training and internship work (CIMPA / UAC).

As part of this oceanographic research cruise, I would like to increase my conceptual and practical knowledge of data collection, and the methods of processing these data, as well as the techniques for interpreting them. It would be a great asset for the success of my thesis project.