Luciana Shigihara Lima


National Institute for Space Research, Brazil
2 Jun 2019 to 29 Jun 2019

Short cv:

I am Water Resources Engineer, and currently I am finishing my master course in Remote Sensing in the National Institute for Space Research, in Brazil.

During my technical and Bachelor’s formation I acquired knowledge, in a wide way the hydrographic processes. I had extensive experience in the field, which allowed me to easily discuss the processes that govern water resources, and the science that governs them learned in practice and class. Nowadays, during the Master Degree, I am studying oceanic processes, working with oceanic data analysis and numerical modeling.

The topic of my master thesis is the study of the changes in ocean processes caused by climate change and how them can be affect the reproduction and dispersal capacity of marine organisms. To answer this question, I applied biophysical modeling to model the possible changes in the connectivity patterns of Brazilian oceanic islands and the continental shelf. The future scenarios were generated by an ocean dynamical downscaling with HadGEM2-ES results. The projection used was RCP 8.5, such is based on premise that no mitigation action is fulfilled. The ocean dynamical downscaling was made with Regional Oceanic Model System (ROMS) in the Atlantic Ocean near the Brazilian oceanic islands and the Brazilian Continental Shelf, and the ICHTHYOP for the biological modeling. The target organism is the species of reef fishes of the genus Sparisoma (Labridae: Scarinae) found in these areas.

The possibility of having an international and multi-disciplinary shipboarding training onboard experience can be extremely positive, through the exchange of knowledge among the participants as well as the experience of a boarding for my personal as well as professional training, and for the research centers or university to which I am inserted. This opportunity will allow to have a practical vision of the oceanographic and climate processes that which I addressed in my dissertation.