NOTICE FOR POGO TRAINEES AND APPLICANTS:  Given the current worldwide public health situation, POGO has been in regular communication with its training partners and urges current scholars to follow their host institute’s rules and recommendations regarding travel, home working and self-isolation.  For upcoming trainings, we will continue with selection processes and remote interviews, however, it is highly likely that training cruises and courses scheduled for the first semester of 2020 may be postponed. If you have any questions, please contact pogoadmin@pml.ac.uk.
If you have any questions, please contact pogoadmin@pml.ac.uk.


Welcome to The Ocean Training Partnership

......an international alliance  of marine science organisations that coordinates research vessel-based experiential teaching and learning.

Improving our knowledge of the ocean requires a new generation of well-trained marine scientists who are able to combine practical field work at sea with modern multi- and cross-disciplinary research methods and techniques.

By pooling infrastructure, resources and expertise, more marine science graduates can be provided with practical hands-on, ship-board technical skills and experience whilst building capacity in oceanographic observations.